Sierra Leone gets testing laboratories to meet International quality standards Commodities produced in Sierra Leone will soon meet the international standards and best practices and creating room for local business personalities to compete at the international level.

The Sierra Leone Standards Bureau whose core function is to maintain standards in the country has been provided with testing and laboratory equipments through the West Africa Quality Programme. Through the modern equipments, the new and rebranded Sierra Leone Standards Bureau will now be testing for water contents and quality in commodities produced or imported into Sierra Leone, alcohol content, protein content, salmonella and many functions that may be of need to the country in protecting the health and standards of Sierra Leoneans. The equipments includes; food chemical laboratory, fat and protein testing equipments, weighing laboratory, metrology equipments, spectrophotometer double beam, soil content PH meter, chemical fume hood, muffle furnace, Rotary Evaporator, Centrifuge to name a few. With the provision of these modern equipments for Sierra Leone through the Standards Bureau, locally produced drinks like coke, fanta, sprite, Beer, Stout will all be tested here for quality and it will also ease the problems of going to other countries for testing and certification. Working at the newly SLBS established laboratory The West Africa Quality Programme support to competitiveness and harmonization of Technical

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The Sierra Leone Standards Bureau was created by the Standards Act No. 2 of 1996.


Sierra Leone Standards Bureau
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